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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

15 Bodyweight Exercises Everyone Should Be Doing

How does this sound: increased muscle strength, healthier bones and improved balance, coordination and posture, as well as reduced joint pain, risk...

Gym Ball Exercises That Everyone Should Be Doing

Think back to the last time you saw a gym ball (also known as a Swiss ball, although no-one seems to know...

How To Do The Dragon Flag

When you’re looking to test yourself with some harder exercises, it’s always worth referring to a Rocky montage for ideas. Whether it’s...

How To Do The Floor Press

What do you do when the bench press is busy at the gym (or the gym is closed)? Hover nearby, ensuring you...

How To Do The Dead Bug Exercise

If you’ve ever seen a beetle desperately trying to right itself after ending up on its back, you’ll have some idea of...

How To Do Calf Raises

If there’s one thing runners love doing, it’s running (obviously). And if there’s one thing runners don’t really enjoy, it’s strength and...

How To Get Fit At Home

No-one needs a gym to get in great shape, which is handy considering how often access to gyms has been restricted over...

The Kegel Exercises Expert Guide Everyone Should Read (Including You)

Most of us have heard of the pelvic floor muscles and have an inkling that we’re supposed to exercise them. However, it’s...

How To Do The Clamshell

If you’re not incorporating some kind of animal-inspired exercise into your workouts from time to time, we reckon you’re doing fitness wrong....

Try These Isometric Exercises And Get Stronger Without Moving

When someone performs an isometric exercise in a busy gym it looks very out of place – an island of stillness in...

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