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Saturday, October 16, 2021

35+ Sheet Pan Recipes That Are Beyond Easy to Make

Crockpots are cool, skillets are sweet, but baking pans can't be beat! Yes, we are so excited about these sheet pan dinners that...

How to Use Chia Seeds to Make Low-Sugar Jam in Minutes

If you've jumped on the jam bandwagon, you're probably hooked. After all, this old-school preservation method is a great way to experience summer-ripened...

12 Instant Ways Pesto Makes Any Recipe More Delicious

Pesto is one of the most versatile sauces in the kitchen. As Chef Claudia Sidoti, a member of our expert advisory board, says...

20 Super-Simple Dinner Recipes With Just 5 Ingredients

When "What should I make for dinner?" starts to turn into "Do I even have time to make dinner?" the next challenge is...

30 Nutritionist-Approved Healthy Breakfast Ideas

If you regularly confuse breakfast foods with your favorite frosting-topped desserts, it might be time to make a change—especially if you're trying to...

The 45 Best Recipes for an Instant Vitamin D Boost

It's safe to say that pretty much everyone knows standing outside in the sunshine will give you that sweet, sweet vitamin D. Vitamin...

What Is Collagen And Do You Need Collagen Supplements?

The world of sports supplements is constantly evolving and collagen is one of the rising stars, cropping up as an ingredient in...

Does The Vegan Diet Have Advantages For Amateur Athletes?

Even if you don’t subscribe to Netflix, you probably caught wind of The Game Changers, a documentary featuring athletes, scientists and the...

3 High-Protein Vegan Recipes From The Vegan Athlete’s Cookbook

Food photography: Claire WinfieldThe food industry has become obsessed with protein in the past few years and there are good reasons for...

13 Easy Quesadilla Recipes to Make Right Now

The quesadilla, which has roots dating back to 16th century northern Mexico is a versatile food that can be enjoyed in a bunch...

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