Grilling is a favorite method of cooking in the summer across all 50 states, but what people of each state are grilling may surprise you. Google pooled the data on the most uniquely-searched grilling queries in all the states this summer, and the results are a good mix of grilling classics and interesting new grilling trends.

For example, home cooks in most states were searching for seafood and vegetable grilling recipes, while meat was a popular grilling term in only about a third of the states. Some states had particularly surprising searches, like Ohio, where people searched for “how to grill crab legs” more than anywhere else, or in Texas, where grilled lobster tails are on the menu instead of meat.

Corn was the most popular vegetable on the grill, with search terms for grilling corn on the cob or in the husk dominating in eight states. When it comes to meat, home cooks were mostly looking to perfect grilling steak, chicken breast, and hamburgers. Find out what people are grilling in your state this summer! And don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest food news and recipes delivered straight to your inbox.

grilled squash

Grilled squash has been on the summer menu in Alabama, as the state’s most-searched grilling term was “how to grill squash”.

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grilled pineapple

In Alaska, home cooks want to know how to grill pineapple.

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grilled lobster tail

Arizonians are looking up “how to grill lobster tails” this summer.

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grilled corn

“How to grill corn” is the most searched grilling term in Arkansas. Get our tips on how to perfectly grill corn.

grilled tri tip

Californians are grilling tri-tip, the triangular section of beef sirloin. Here are some tips on how to perfectly grill every type of meat.

grilled corns

In Colorado, corn is the most popular grilling search term.

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grilled lobster tails

Connecticut’s favorite food to grill this year is lobster tails. We’ll take two!

grilled steak

In Delaware, people want to know how to grill the perfect steak. We have some steak grilling tips from professional chefs.

grilled grouper

Floridians love their seafood, and this year they’re grilling grouper. Here’s how grouper stacks up nutrition-wise against other fish.

lobster tails

Georgians are also looking for tips on grilling lobster tails, a popular option across several states.

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grilled eggplant

In Hawaii, people want to know how to grill eggplant to perfection. Here’s our collection of delicious eggplant dinner recipes.

grilled burgers

In Idaho, it’s back to basics—home cooks are looking to perfect the ultimate grilling food, the burger.

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lobster tail

Another place where seafood is on the menu this summer is Illinois. Lobster tails for all!

grilled pork chop

In Indiana, home cooks are looking up how to grill the perfect pork chop.

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grilled asparagus

Grilled asparagus is on the menu in Iowa. They must have read up on the secret side effects of eating asparagus!

corn on the cob

In Kansas, the classic grilled corn is the order of the day. We’ve got 20 corn recipes to send their way!

grilled pineapple slices

In Kentucky, they’re grilling pineapple. We hope to make some kind of steller summer dessert.

grilled corn with husk

In Louisiana, home cooks are grilling corn with the husk on, which is a great way to preserve corn’s natural sweetness.

grilled salmon

“How to grill salmon” is the most-searched grilling term in Maine. Here’s our best grilled salmon recipe.

grilled tuna steak

Tuna steaks are on the grills in Maryland. Here’s our best grilled tuna recipe.

grilled swordfish

Swordfish is on the menu in Massachusetts. Here’s our tasty take on grilled swordfish.

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grilled brats

It’s back to basics in Michigan, where people are looking up how to grill brats. If your hot dog needs a little flair, try these 16 Best Hot Dog Toppings.


Home cooks are looking up how to grill corn on the cob in Minnesota. They should try this insane Grilled Corn with Coconut Curry Butter.

grilled steak with rosemary

Steaks are being grilled in Mississippi. We’ve got 25 tips for grilling the perfect steak to share.

corn on grill

Missouri loves grilling corn on the cob, too!

grilled pineapple sticks

Montana is another state that loves its fruit grilled. “How to grill pineapple” is their most-searched grilling term.

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grilled chicken

In Nebraska, home cooks are looking to grill up the perfect juicy chicken breast. We have some tips that can help here.

grilled tri tip with marinade

Grilled tri tip is on the menu in Nevada.

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bbq swordfish

New Hampshire loves grilled sword fish.

grilled filet mignon

In Jersey, home cooks are grilling filet mignon, a tender and tasty upscale steak.

grilled chicken thighs

New Mexico knows the chicken thighs are the most flavorful part of the bird. “How to grill chicken thighs” is the most-searched grilling term.

grilled clams

Leave it to New Yorkers to pull out all the stops—grilled clams are the most-searched grilling term in the state.

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grilled mahi mahi

North Carolina loves mahi mahi. Home cooks in the state want to know how to grill the flaky fish steaks. Here’s our recipe.

salmon on grill

In North Dakota, they’re grilling salmon. They must have heard about how healthy salmon is!

grilled crab legs

Ohioans are looking up how to grill crab legs.

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grilled ribs

Oklahoma keeps it tried and true by grilling baby back ribs.

tri tip

Oregonians are grilling tri tip.

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filet mignon

Just like in Jersey, in Pennsylvania, they’re grilling filet mignon.

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Rhode Islanders are grilling swordfish.

grilled hamburger

Burgers are the most searched-for grilling recipe in South Carolina.

corn with lime

In South Carolina, like many other states, it’s all about the perfect summer side dish of grilled corn on the cob. Try our favorite recipe.

grilled zucchini

Tennessee foregoes heavier meat options and searches for perfect ways to grill zucchini.

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lobster tail

Lobster tails are most searched-for grilling recipe in Texas, too.


In Utah, the most googled grilling recipe is for steak.

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salmon filet

They love grilling salmon in Vermont.

tuna steak

Grilled tuna steaks are a popular grilling option in Virginia.

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grilled oysters

Home cooks in the state of Washington are grilling oysters—a classic food item in the state.


West Virginia is also sticking with basics and looking to perfect the classic grilled burger.

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chicken breast

In Wisconsin, chicken breasts are the most popular grilling search term. Here are 10 tips from chefs for cooking the absolute perfect chicken breast.

corns on grill

Wyoming keeps it simple with corn on the cob. This is the single best way to make corn on the cob.

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