Narrator: Imagine that your body is like a sugar bowl. Over the years, when you consume too much sugar in your diet, that bowl becomes completely full. There isn’t any more room for additional sugar, so when you continue eating it, it spills out into the bloodstream.

Type 2 diabetes. It’s categorized as a chronic and progressive disease that’s managed through various treatments including prescription drugs like insulin.

Once you contract type 2 diabetes, it’s a disease that stays with you for life.

Joan Lunden: Diabetes is a growing epidemic.
Anchorwoman: And the condition is incredibly widespread.
Man (on TV): Diabetes can certainly shorten your life if we don’t manage it well.

Narrator:But what if we don’t think traditionally? What if we wanted to eliminate this disease from a patient’s life? What if we wanted to reverse the disease?

Dr. Sarah Hallberg: We have to take away the cause.


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