I’ve always struggled with sustainable weightloss. I would wake up in the morning ready to finally commit and then just get lazy and give up. ⠀
Eventually I found myself with some seriously unhealthy eating habits and while I was losing weight- I was just never happy. I became a mom in 2013 and after gaining 100lbs during that pregnancy and trying for years to lose the weight I wanted to just quit. I couldn’t do it. After my second child I said enough is enough. I buckled down on my nutrition, I started an exercise regimen, I found a community online, and got into a groove of healthy paced weightloss. ⠀
Eating a cleaner diet and consistently exercising- even just at home- has helped me lose 65lbs in the past year. ⠀
I am so happy I never gave up on myself because this is just the beginning for me. ⠀
I love sharing my journey and hope that everyone realizes that it’s not selfish to put yourself and your health first sometimes- even just finding 30minutes a day to workout can change you. .
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