🌸 Ok so full disclosure the pictures are not 6 months apart. I have very few pics from right when I started keto bc I loathed myself but I was the same size when I started… I think I lost about 60lbs for the first 6 months, my biggest, most noticeable difference was the first 3-4 months. From the day I started, I kept “wonder how much I’ll lose in a few months” in the back of my head. I saw so many others losing a crazy amount of weight and thought THAT WILL BE ME!!! I literally did nothing but count my net carbs and trust the process. My life improved so much in 6 months. I felt like a haggard old sloppy worm transformed into a beautiful butterfly. I came out of my house more, out of hiding, had the energy to take my kids kore places, took interest in shopping bc I fit in regular clothes again, I wore shorts for the first time in years, wore a bikini again 😫😭it was amazing. Every time I see someone starting their journey and then posting their progress I’m rooting for them. I get excited to see people being successful bc I haven’t forgotten how absolutely amazing it felt.
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