Last nights dinner I forgot to post!
I had pork mints to use I was going to make meatballs but didn’t fancy pasta and then I thought bugger it i haven’t had pork burgers for ages!
My pork and apple burger recipe is in my highlights and burgers but it’s literally just pork mince, grated apple the one and only @spicentice gourmet burger rub seasoning and spring onion with an egg made into patties and grilled!
I didn’t fancy a bun or any bread type product so opted for a triple burger stack layered with burger cheese, lettuce, red onion rings bacon medallions and @crucial_sauce garlic mayo!
I served with it of course homemade chips using my trusty @spicentice chips n wedges seasoning!
Also on the side we have some veggie dippers I picked up in @aldiuk from their plant menu yesterday which were reduced to 99p so thought I’ve give them a bash and actually quite nice for 50 cals/ 2.5 syns each!

I’ll be honest my eyes were bigger than my belly and I struggled to finish this off 🤣

Both the @spicentice burger rub and chips seasoning are only £1.27 each using my discount code JG along with lite of fantastic other meal kits so hit the link in my bio to check them out 😍
On the plate 890 cals but left a 1/3 so less on my deficit!

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