It’s ironical that we blame homemade food to make us fat but can’t leave pizza,burgers.We can’t imagine that we are increasing the bank Balance of food industry at the cost of our health.
Now how traditionally made dal and veggies are good We make tadka with ghee,ginger,garlic,onion and tomato..Vitamin A,D,E, K are fat soluble so u need ghee for that.
Iron is absorbed efficiently with Vitamin C , so tomatoes are added .Ginger is fat burner and other ingredients and spices boost the digestion.
Now one can think that we can add tomatoes and ghee to boiled veggies and legumes. Our ancestors had a scientific approach towards cooking methods . Body is of three types .Vata ,pitta and kapha and some have combination of two or even three of these types . So raw veggies can cause acidity and other digestive issues .So tadka is very important for good absorption of nutrients which nourishes your skin,hairs and body.

Watch the real culprits that is refined oil, refined flour and refined sugar.Eliminate or lower the intake of these three and go back to traditional method of cooking .
I hope this will help to understand your food culture.

Thanks ❤

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