👍🏻I love your story Adam! 🙌🏻Great job!

He writes: As a high school band director I am the public face of the hard work that my students and I do to sound good. My physical representation of that was not one I was proud of. Overweight, tired, and stressed constantly. I lost 100lbs and am a whole new person!! In a field where discipline and structure is preached it is now practiced in my health and life as well! The healthy habits and structure carry over to all aspect of my life and I am much less stressed. As a coach and a teacher there are many parallels and I find myself learning new skills in each career that help the other. This program has been a gift to me and my family, but also to the hundreds of students I serve each day, as they have a happier, healthier (and more confident) leader!

So inspiring Adam! If you need this 👆🏻in your life too, send me a pm and let’s talk about it. I’d love to Coach you on how our program can set you free to a healthier you.
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