September-30 Days of Hope

Today, I am celebrating Debbie Bendersky! We have become good friends thru the program in addition to improving our health. Here’s her story:

“Birthday pictures 4 years apart. The difference speaks for itself! I was so uncomfortable in my own skin and knew I needed to do something, but it just seemed so overwhelming, and I had failed to keep weight off before. So I had pretty much given up. This program gave me my life back. As I continue to contend for my health daily, I now have the confidence that I can do this! Sometimes I hesitate to share my own pictures because I’m still not where I want to be, but I know if my coach did not share her journey of 20 l, and then 25, and 30 pounds, I would not have reached out. Nowhere near perfect but striving to be better each day! Now I help others work toward their health goals and it helps me keep my own health in check.”
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