Let’s start a well motivated week ??? How about we start this Monday on the right foot and full of focus and determination? I came to tell some of my story here to you… Exactly 8 months I started a process of change in my life, beginning of diet reeducation and constant training. All this has turned me from the inside out. It’s not easy … you have to be willing to start this process.⁠
There are so many obstacles that I can not explain … But the desire to change has to be stronger Yes !! ✔ In the first photo: 53kg, 36% body fat and almost no muscle … Very worrying in the physical evaluation. Gave a degree of risk! Lots of fat in all parts of my body.⁠
But, I’ve always been like this, you know, “skinny 53kg.” What about the muscles? Lean mass .⁠
✔ In the second picture: 45kg, 20% body fat. Every day gaining some lean mass / muscle 💪! Ah. 1.53 in height! I’m short!⁠
Seeing this data hj, I’m happy to have started 8 months ago know, we fight for the visual and everything, but health is the most important! Maybe you’re thinking and saying, ah, I can not …⁠
I used to say that, did you know that? But, I want to invite you to leave this comfort zone and dedicate yourself and go to the fight … I tell you: It’s not easy, and there are going to be a lot of difficulties to make you “kick the bucket”, but I beg you: seek that strength within you! You are stronger than you think. We’re in this together! 💪💪💪 Thank you for all the affection I have received from you … I am grateful for everything, and for being able to motivate people with my journey!💖💪🏼 danygadelha1⁠
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