I spoke with my surgeon and dietician today and they were extremely proud of my progress. My surgeon said I have lost about 28% of my excess body weight already at 9 months when the estimated is usually 25-30% lost after a year post op. So I’m going at a good rate. I’m happy to hear it. There’s still that voice in the back of my head telling me that I need to do more but I know that At the end of the day I’ve come such a long way. I am proud of myself. I just can’t help but to want more.
Anyways, an update for my stall and my dieticians advice. She said I’m doing really good and maybe what we can do is to pay around with my carbs and lessen them. She also said that I should lower my calories slightly now that I’m not as active daily with all the smoke in my area. So I’m going to try and down that. I’m a little nervous lol but excited. I might actually try keto for a week starting Monday but this weekend I’ll just slowly decrease my carbs to prepare myself.
Side note, my appointments were done through zoom and my dietician said when I came on she almost didn’t recognize me lol😂😂😂 they both complimented me and said I look so happy. And I am. I’m so thankful for this surgery. It’s really made my quality of life so much better.
Lastly, my surgeon said at my 1 year appointment we can start looking into loose skin removal!! 😮 don’t get my wrong, I want to get all my skin removed eventually. Especially since I carried so much weight for so long that my body truly doesn’t look like an average 23 year olds, but I think I want to wait close to 2 years because I want to get as lean and fit as I can. Transform my body in the gym before I get rid of everything. I already know that I won’t be where exactly I want to be physically by December but I’ll be close. 😁
Cheers to you all!
Good luck on your journeys 💓


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