Same girl…BOTH birthdays QUEENS 👸🏼Celebrated my birthday half the size I once was! 💖✨ The photo on the left was at my heaviest! I remember seeing 298 on the scale the morning of my birthday and instantly wanting to cancel my party so my friends who hadn’t seen me in a while wouldn’t see how much I had gained so quickly. I felt so uncomfortable under my own skin and never posted any photos or videos from this night because of my weight. At 300 pounds, I allowed my weight to affect so many aspects of my life that I wish I could take back. I wish I could remind myself that my family and friends loved me for who I am and never looked at me as just a 300-pound person who was just there like I thought they did in my negative headspace! The best thing I ever did for myself was learning how to STOP the self-hate and really work on ME for ME!! ✨
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