From 115kg to 50kg/ 253lb to 110lb what a turnaround in her life! 🥳 Honestly, don’t ever let anyone tell you this world or life is unforgivable! The only thing that matters is that you forgive your own mistakes, take them as valuable lessons with gratitude and let it all go once it has taught you what you needed and start a fresh new part of life! Life is all about different parts and change in-between. And your view is all that matters because you are the world. 🔥 With so many things I’ve learned so far (and Im halfway there only) I feel like I could write a book already. So far, I’ll share these bits on my personal page – @katninku / And the credit for this absolutely stunning transformation which inspired me to share these thoughts is to beautiful @handenindiyetgunlugu ✨

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