Okay fam, I used to think marination and sauces were unnecessary extra calories but damn, I was stupid for that one. It makes eating healthy so much easier and it’s all about portion control and subbing ingredients, if YOU are willing to, that doesn’t change the taste as much so you can make it again and again knowing it’s worth every bite.

This entire dish was 399 calories 😳 I was hesitate to use monkfruit sugar in this roast recipe because you know how I feel about sugar-free things. Regardless, I did it and it didn’t change the flavor at all. Even my mom said it was good 😳 This recipe does not use a lot sugar anyways for quantity so it doesn’t really add up per serving if you used regular brown sugar.

I will do a reel with the recipe and directions next week! So stay tune! It’s simple, easy, and lazy proof and great option for meal prep.

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