Wanna know why it changes all the time?

Why one weigh in is very little information. Like, not even useful.

Your body is 50-65% water. Roughly.

And even though you’ve got 35-50% of other stuff — bones, muscle, fat, organs, etc — truth is..

You’re not having organs removed all the time.

Bones aren’t shrinking daily.

Fat loss or gain changes are so small daily they can’t be seen.

And muscle changes even slower.

So that 35-50% of your weigh, day to day, is very stable.

The other 50-65%? The water?

Go pee. You just dropped 0.5 pounds.

Drink water, you gained some back.

Have a fruit; gain some water.

Go workout, then sweat. Lose weight.

Drink water between sets, gain it back.

Hit the sauna; lose it all.

Bang your knee on the way home.


Retain water (pee and sweat less) so the body can help the knee recover.

And imagine all the other ways; and then, imagine how the in and out can change daily.

This can result in pounds OR KG changes in a day.

Have some pickles. They’re loaded with sodium.

Sodium isn’t the devil like you’ve heard, but you’ll hold water.

Your period isn’t bad (I’m about to get slapped) but yeah, bloating before your period. And often two weeks before that to.

And now you’re wondering, how do I stop water retention?

Wrong question.

When you lose the fat you want, none of this goes away, your weight will fluctuate day to day for life. And it’s normal.

Worry about calories and you’ll lose the fat.

Worry about this shit (literally!) and you’ll drive yourself insane focusing on stuff that has nothing to do with fat loss.
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Questions or comments?

Hope this helps.

Thanks to @chadhargrove1 for the awesome post.

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