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I needed to be reminded of exactly how far I’ve come. An old friend of mine sent me the “Before” photo and I was blown away. There aren’t many photos of me at my largest because I tended to avoid cameras like the plague. I wanted nothing to do with them. But occasionally a picture like this will surface and the emotional response is a great one. 🐉
It is a mixed bag of emotions. I was ignorant to how sick I was, most likely because I didn’t want to see it. My normal was being maintained and I felt my version of good. Little did I know, I was making a beeline to the grave. That is until a new way of life was shown to me. 🐉
The lifestyle I discovered came about because of crossfit . I had no idea my body was capable of anything more than sitting on a couch, playing video games all day and night munching on Cheetos. All of a sudden I was running, jumping, and moving my body in ways that were unfamiliar yet exhilarating!! I discovered the BARBELL!! 🐉
There is a 7 year difference between the photos. In that time, doctors told me I’d be dead. Jokes on them! I’m alive and thriving thanks to the lifestyle that I embraced. I have since discovered that I have just been scratching the surface of my potential. There is so much more out there for me to discover! 🐉


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