Posted @dailyweightlossdiettips • 🙏🏽📸@georgiegyms Left – didn’t go to events because I was overweight and FEARED finding outfits to wear.⠀

Middle – went to some events, but generally didn’t like to as I’d rather stay ‘on plan’⠀

Right – loving going to events, and training extra hard in between. Learning that every time I go off plan it’s not an excuse to eat ALL THE FOODS 🐷 ⠀

What’s the point in slaving away in the gym for a body you won’t let yourself enjoy?⠀

HAPPY BANK HOL 🎉 I am so excited to have friends coming up for the weekend, ready to get up to lots of mischief 🤭⠀

Do you have plans? I hope the weather is good! ☀️ 🙏 ⠀

(PS I haven’t zoomed in on the left, I just don’t fit in the space, my waist was 8 inches bigger back then..)

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