Keto or not this needs to be shared 💯. Tag your life buddy ❤️ Fight for the person you want to become. Each day, chip away at that goal. You don’t need to start with a leap: just a baby step.

In the picture on the left I was hopeless. Not because of my size, but because i wasn’t LIVING. I felt like I was floating through life, numb and avoiding anything that I found “difficult.”

This journey hasn’t just changed my body, it’s changed who I am as a person. I finally tapped into my full potential! Now, I have high expectations for myself, and I don’t stop until I reach my goals (in work, life & fitness!)

Thanks to the guy on my right, I have a buddy to take on life’s challenges with 💪🏼 Who is your life partner? Your best friend, your mom, your significant other? Tag a friend that needs to see this 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
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Credit: @marillewellyn


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