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When I think about it, I’m sometimes ashamed that my daughter witnessed my self-loathing for so many years. I always preached self-confidence to her but I couldn’t muster up the empathy to embrace it myself because I knew what she didn’t… I was fat and fat was humiliating. When I look at this picture from our family trip in 2016 I know my sweet girl isn’t judging me or ashamed of me. She’s simply looking up to her mom… following my lead… learning how she should feel about her own body. If I could go back I would have seen myself through her eyes and realized that my weight was never the problem. It was my poor self-confidence and terrible self-esteem that was humiliating- not my body. I’m proud of the goals I’ve achieved and continue to work hard towards and I’m proud that my girls can witness my new healthy lifestyle. But I am even more proud that my daughters have a strong mom to look up to. Not because I weigh less, but because I know better. I know that my self-worth and self-confidence is in no way related to the size of my body or societies’ perception of it. And instead of telling them how to have self-confidence … I can lead by example❤⁠
Credit: @loving_lessofme_more


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