2014: I had just graduated from college. I was around 350 pounds or so maybe more. I try tons of fab diets, but nothing ever stuck.
2015: I ended up losing some weight after college but after I broke my ankle I had gained even more weight back. I had made it to 420 pounds.
2016: After the many medical issues and failed attempts to lose weight I knew I needed to fix my health. At 420 pounds I started a journey that would change my life. From all my pass failed attempts I knew where I went wrong. This wasn’t a diet this was going to be a lifestyle change. So started tracking my food intake and exercising daily.
2017: In 2017 I was down over 200 pounds from 2016. All my hard work had paid off. I continue to make tracking my food and the gym part of my life.
2018: I had to come to the realization that I was at maintenance and I was no longer was overweight. I just had loose skin. I didn’t need to lose any more weight.
2019: I’ve managed to continue my healthy lifestyle and stay in maintenance. I track my calories randomly sometimes and workout 5 times a week.
Through this whole journey, I’ve learned a lot of things. 1. Weight loss takes time. 2. Doesn’t matter how much you exercise you can’t outrun if your overeating your calories.
3. Losing weight all about calories in vs calories burn
4. Losing weight is hard but not giving up is harder!💪❤
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