Welcome back @judahlogans for a #FeatureFollowUp! I’m coming up on 2 years keto, and while losing weight I thought it might not be sustainable but now I can’t see myself eating any other way. There’s so much carb free stuff still popping up, it’s never been easier to stay on track.

My Top 5 Keto Tips:

1. Keep it simple! It’s as easy as finding meets and veggies you like and cooking them in good fats. It doesn’t always have to be some elaborate dish. That being said

2. Get comfortable in the kitchen. It’s easier than you think and cheaper/better for you than fast food hacks.

3. Do your research! You have the world of information in your hand. There’s an article/answer/recipe out there for anything you can think of.

4. Get a food scale and use a food tracker if your not seeing the results you think you should be. Imyfitnesspal/carbmanager are both great. You could be surprised at how much you’re really eating.

5. Try intermittent fasting if you haven’t, it’s been great for me and works perfectly with keto👍🏼
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