Tonights @hellofreshuk dinner 🍽
So tasty as they always are 😋

I had this herby chicken while Adam had the Lamb Rogan Josh curry with lentils & crispy potatoes – Both meals were 10/10!

Here’s the syn breakdown for the chicken dinner ⬇️

The Chicken 🐓
Chicken – free
Panko breadcrumbs (5g per portion) – ½ syn
Mixed herbs & fresh parsley – free
Mayo (I swapped and used lighter than light) – ½ syn per tbsp

The Mash 🥔
Potato – free
Red onion – speed
Fresh parsley – free

The Greens 🥬
Green beans, Broccoli (I added this as had some that needed using) & garlic – speed
Balsamic vinegar – free

If like me you thought these kind of dinners were off the cards on Slimming World or any ‘diet’, they really aren’t! The whole dinner came to a total of 1 syn and I feel like I’ve had a treat/cheat meal because it’s not advertised/aimed at/following a ‘Slimming’ recipe!

I really recommend you try it, and open your eyes & taste buds to some new flavours!! You can save £20 off your first box 📦 with my recommend a friend code


And you can cancel/skip/pause any time you like!

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