#SloaneSquadProgress – I’m a 49 year, 5ft nothing woman who came of age in NY in the 80’s when Thin was IN, the scale was EVERYTHING and having a booty was not at all desirable.

Cardio was KING and more of it was ALWAYS better.
It’s NEVER been easy for me.
While I was never fat, I was also never skinny.
I learned early on to restrict calories. There was no social media back then to tell me or show me otherwise.
I spent many, many years on the treadmill and eating very low calorie.

Several months ago, all my “tricks” stopped working. I had put on about 7lbs after a three week trip and I was enormously uncomfortable and terribly unhappy.

I had been following Sloane’s Instagram account and was really taken with her food and exercise philosophy and her seemingly no BS attitude (yay for us New Yorkers :).

I reached out to her a few months after she had experienced a horrendous personal tragedy.

I couldn’t believe that in her time of extreme sadness she would be willing to take me on as a client.

Since March she has put up with me…I am not easy. Very stubborn, very set in my ways and with being sooo unhappy in my skin, I was also very impatient.
She NEVER GAVE UP ON ME. Each time I would send her an email detailing how freaked out I was, I kept waiting for her to release me as a client, after all her personal tragedy far outweighed my 7lbs of moaning.
And yet. Every single step of the way, she never gave up on me.
She was honest and tough, but also so patient and encouraging.

I have some more fat to lose and muscle to build. It will take time and CONSISTENCY.
These are the keys.
Learn them and live by them. It is only by acknowledging that it will take time and by willing to be consistent day in and day out that success will come to you.
I’m a pain in the ass, but if I’ve been able to do this, so can you.

And if you’re LUCKY enough to have Sloane on your side, there will be no question..YOU CAN DO IT too.

(Take a moment to note her butt, legs and abs 🔥)

#SloaneSquad #PancakesandPushups


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