The scariest part of Halloween may not be the monster masks or the bonfire tales of ghosts and goblins. If you’re following a low-carb or keto diet, the most frightening part of the holiday may be inside your house already — the candy!

One of my favorite scary movies involves a storyline with repeated phone calls to a teen babysitter. The police trace the call and end up informing her that “the calls are coming from inside the house.”

The news is chilling because she’s trapped inside with the bad guy who has probably seen her every move. How can she possibly escape?

We can feel similarly trapped when stuck inside our own houses with Halloween candy, particularly for those of us who struggle with sugar cravings.

While we buy the candy for trick-or-treaters, there’s often some leftover afterward — just to make staying on track that much more tricky.

Before you allow the holiday to end in a massacre of empty candy wrappers, you can learn how to slay the sugar monsters with Diet Doctor Explores’ Kristie Sullivan.

In this week’s episode, Kristie helps remove some of the danger with a few practical ideas she’s used in the past to avoid overdoing it on the Halloween candy.

We’ll also introduce you to some fun and rather “frightening” low-carb or keto recipe ideas to host your own happy Halloween — without all the sugar.

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If you haven’t met Kristie, she’s been part of the Diet Doctor team since 2017. When she first joined us, she contributed articles and shared recipes (and still does!). Kristie also has two seasons of cooking shows, Cooking Keto with Kristie season one and season two.


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