I only know these excuses because I used to use them myself 😜

Let me share a few and lets see if these sound familiar to you:

‘I hate my body but I don’t think I genuinely can change’

‘I have so much going on right now, its just not the right time’

‘What’s the point, I’ll mess it up and that will upset me even more’

‘I can’t go to a gym, its too scary’

‘Food is my comfort, what will I do when something upsets me and I want to reach for the chocolate’

‘I have so many events this month I’ll start next month’

And the list goes on…

Reality is we all make excuses when it comes to tackling our problems.

Addressing your relationship with food and exercise is damn right daunting, it’s not an easy ‘I’ll buy this, that will solve it’ situation.

So no wonder you have experienced these doubts in your mind, your right to think through the if’s and but’s. I did for YEARS before I took control and made a decision to not be held back by my excuses anymore.

I am not asking you to vanish these thoughts with a click of a finger, that’s not realistic but I am asking you to come to terms with the fact that the ONLY thing standing in the way of you making progress right now is your excuses.

By owning up and addressing those excuses you will be able to see how there really isn’t much truth to them. They simply are a thought that circulates your mind and stands in your way.

I need you to own up and start taking back control otherwise we will be sat here in 6 months time giving the same excuses with no progress made.

I want you to be in a COMPLETELY different position in 6 months time, mind AND body!

I REALLY enjoy delving into clients ifs and buts, I always like to know exactly what they fear most and what their mental struggles are, it’s a huge part of making sure we nail results from the get go.

If excuses have stood in your way up to now but you’re ready to take control you need to join my team. I guarantee I can HELP YOU!

If you’re ready to stop making excuses and take back control, you could be a great fit for my program. To find out more follow the link in my bio 👉 @emilydeluzy


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