Down 30lbs! Huge, long time coming shout out to the newest pack member of my Steel Alphas fam, well done to my friend and client Paige! Much like 2020, Paige’s transformation was very up and down with lots of unexpected road blocks and difficult situations to overcome, but she managed to push through and crush it.

We started working together early January of this year at the gym. She crushed her first 10 weeks losing about 27lbs! We were training 3 times a week and I gave her her own cardio protocol to do in her off days at home. (1-3 times per week.) We were going to make this post and transformation pictures in March, and then “Rona” hit. As we all know, the world came to a very uncertain time and basically put us all in pause. A few months went by, and she mentioned to me it caused a loss of motivation & she regained the weight she lost & didn’t workout or track her food in those couple months.

After those couple months later tho, she was ready to get back on the horse. Because of all the craziness of this year, we did in person training for a few weeks, then we had to switch to online training. So we put together a program she could do at home, mostly consisting of minimal equipment and bodyweight workouts & aiming for 10k steps a day. Paige also followed my nutrition program to the T! Tracking her calories, nailing her protein intake all while following my flexible dieting approach & fitting in all her favourite meals. She also mentioned to me she never felt restricted or felt like she was dieting for one minute on the program and didn’t even see the need for a cheat day because she was always able to fit in great food to her daily plan.

I’d also like to mention she’s a full time mommy to 2 kids, doing online courses and has a full time job! She’s also overcome so many life obstacles to say the least , & was still able to nail her last 3 months and drop the weight she had lost and regained due to all the craziness of this year and all the things life through at her! She looks amazing, I couldn’t be more proud of her. U Inspire the hell out of me! Amazing Job Paige! You’ve made your coach so very very proud!! 🤗🤗


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