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Hi everyone hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend. I thought I reintroduce ourselves since we have a lot new followers. My name is Delena and my husbands name is Oscar we are both from Oxnard California but have relocated to Bakersfield California. We’ve been married for three years and have been together for seven years. We both love to drink and always have a good time . We’ve done keto twice and really never took it seriously finally it took a third time to officially change our lifestyle into Keto and have been on keto for about 8 months. Lately we been having a lot more cheats than usual, which I feel it’s okay to treat yourself every now and then & to get back on track the next day . My husband is down 120 pounds & my weight fluctuates between 50-55 pounds. Oscar and I made this keto page to inspire others and to share recipes, and also show you keto isn’t so complicated as it seems & most of all keep it REAL ! We hope you find our page helpful and you continue following us throughout our keto journey ❤️
Amazing ketocouple by thepugasketo


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