ATT West Coast friends & Brethren: I didn’t cook this at all but I’m still gonna share. Went to a restaurant called @marchettisrestaurant it was 👌💯. First up we ordered calamari and it was perfectly breaded and fried. Fry it too much and it becomes rubber, this spot did not. It was right on the money 💰

Next we had bread with a roasted garlic and oil sauce. Man that dipping was lick your fingers good. Not gonna lie I’m definitely gonna replicate that and use it in the future.

Lastly I ordered some veal parm with linguine pasta. Veal was perfectly cooked and tender, and the red sauce was good enough to eat on its own.

When you guys come out to visit this is definitely one place I’m gonna bring you guys to. Also they give enough food to last two days so that’s a major plus lol


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