🍓🥤Wondering what to do AFTER the 21 day detox?
After the detox many people want to continue swapping out breakfast and/or lunch with a healthy smoothie 😋This is a great way to help maintain your detox results or lose even more weight if this your goal!📉✅

This is exactly what my 60 Meal Replacement Smoothies eBook is for 📙I have designed these recipes for long term use and made sure they contain all of the protein and nutrients you need in a meal. (The smoothies you drink on the 21 day detox have been designed for short term use so you shouldn’t use them to replace meals on a longterm basis FYI)

I have bundled my 21 Day Smoothie Slim Detox eBook📗 together with my 60 Meal Replacement Smoothies eBook 📙 so you can get them both and save money💰👛✅🤗
Link bio @smoothiefastloss
Credit @envysmoothie


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