1year postpartumweightloss Mommy right here will be stepping into the New Year Snaaatched!!! #Progress 💃🏽 I’m telling y’all… just love yourself and WATCH!!! Responsibility, conscientiousness, and self discipline pay off.
SelfLove For The Win! 💪🏽🔥 I committed to make some big changes after having my son. I’m doing what I promised myself. And I’m so fckn proud for staying level headed throughout. Staying true to self. I eat nutritious foods, exercise regularly… I’m living a healthy life. Hellll to the naw it has not been easy. But I’m taking these make commitments seriously. I just finished another Tosabe workout. And dinner is on the stove. I’m happier, healthier, lighter—stronger Keish! Oh yeah. These are the same pants! They are stretched tf out lol!!! I had to fold them a few times. I should post a video so you can see. Happy
I began my PostPartumJourney when my doc cleared me 6 weeks PostPartum (Sept 2017)
HT: 5’7”
HW: 261 lbs CsectionMom
CW: 170.2 The Journey continues…..
Day 46 of 65.
📷 Credit goes to @kek_keish


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