Here is step 3 of my tips for a successful weight loss journey.
In step 1 I asked you to set the right goal and step 2 was about finding the right motivation. Step 3 is about making sure you invest enough time in your journey.

Any change is hard. It needs time and effort to be successful. If you are looking to change habits of a lifetime then you are going to need to allocate time in your week to do that. It might be attending a slimming group, it might be allocating time for meal planning or preparation, or food shopping. It might just be time for you to think.

The other element to think about is your expectation of how long your journey will take. Be realistic. It is not realistic about how much you will lose each week based on how your body reacts, how much exercise you are prepared to do and your eating habits. Remember that it is far better to lose weight in a steady sustainable manner.

If you are struggling to allocate enough time to your journey then go back and look at your why. Maybe you haven’t yet found the right motivation or the right goal? Give yourself time you are worth it.

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