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Everything they offer — Monthly Topic videos, assignments, expert interviews, recipes, and more — provide the support and accountability you need to achieve and maintain results.

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October Topics

The Monthly Fix: All About Metabolism

Autumn debunks popular misconceptions about metabolism and explains the things that affect how it functions.

Ahead of all the holidays that are coming up, the Monthly Assignment looks at the fitness “cost” of indulging in your favorite treats.

Scary example? To work off a serving of candy corn (140 calories, 32 grams of sugar), you’d have to do about 280 burpees! Lucky for you, Autumn shares healthy FIXATE recipes that you can swap in for not-so-healthy holiday treats.

The Mindset Membership: Food Labels 101

In October’s Monthly Topic videos, Ilana walks you through her approach to reading food labels.

She breaks down the front label, back label, marketing messages, and highlight things people should look out for, like sodium and sugar content.

September Topics

The Monthly Fix: Vitamins

This month’s topic focuses on vitamins and what you need to know about them, and tips on the best food sources for the majority of the vitamins we need for optimal health.

You’ll also get a list of Vitamin D-boosting FIXATE recipes that you can make at home!

The Expert Interview is with a familiar face — Shakeology co-creator and superfood expert Darin Olien! They discuss the importance of a daily shake, and his Netflix show, “Down to Earth.”

The Mindset Membership: Managing PMS; Losing Weight During Menopause

Ilana provides seven tips to create a plan to manage your PMS symptoms, like cravings.

She also shares her top strategies for navigating menopause and provides practical solutions to help you lose weight in what can be a challenging time for women.

You also get nine exclusive 2B Mindset recipes, like Roasted Carrots With Harissa Yogurt, Ilana’s Instant Pot Tuna Casserole, Cookie Dough Bites, and more.

August Topics

The Monthly Fix: Different Ways of Eating

Autumn breaks down popular ways of eating and explains how the versatility of Ultimate Portion Fix makes it a perfect match with many types of eating — vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, gluten-free, and more.

This month features a guest star — Autumn’s brother, Chef Bobby Calabrese, who shares his expertise in kitchen tools, specifically knives. Bobby explains how having the proper knives can help you “work smarter” in the kitchen.

The Mindset Membership: Following 2B Mindset During Pregnancy; Losing Weight While Breastfeeding & Postpartum

This month’s videos are all about the moms: You’ll get tips for a healthy pregnancy, how to combat cravings, and two exclusive recipes — Chocolate Sea Salt Shakeology and Chocolate Peanut Butter Wonder Whip.

Ilana also shares her postpartum plan, including strategies to help create and maintain sufficient milk supply and how to lose the baby weight.

July Topics

The Monthly Fix: Your Relationship With Food

Autumn sits down with Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler to talk about her new book, “Lose Weight Like Crazy, Even if You Have a Crazy Life!,” and how it can help you on your weight-loss journey.

She discusses how all too often, our relationship with food is a negative one and explains how to reframe it in a positive way — food is fuel for your body.

You can get a free copy of her book when you purchase any Ultimate Portion Fix offer.

The Mindset Membership: Identifying & Managing Different Types of Hunger

In this month’s series of videos, Ilana identifies the Five Types of Hunger and provides actionable strategies to manage different types of hunger like Emotional Hunger and Sleep-Deprived Hunger so you can stay on track.

June Topics

The Monthly Fix: Understanding Nutritional Labels

Autumn does a deep dive into how to read a food label. Knowing what’s in your food, how much of an ingredient is in your food, and the percentage of daily value will help you make informed choices when you’re shopping for food and help you balance your eating throughout the day.

The Mindset Membership: How to Get Family & Friends to Support Your Goals

In a series of Topic Videos, Ilana and her husband Noah talk about the challenges of trying to lose weight if the people around you aren’t on board.

They also tackle how to find a balance between enjoying special occasions with family and friends and staying true to the 2B Mindset principles and what to say to a partner who doesn’t support your weight-loss goals.

You’ll learn how to build a healthy support system with your friends and family that will help you hit your nutrition goals.

May Topics

The Monthly Fix: How to Create Your UPF Support System

Autumn knows how hard it can be to stay committed to your health journey when people around you aren’t respecting your choices.

She shares important tips on how to get those around you to support your new healthy lifestyle.

The Mindset Membership: Bust a Plateau With Plate It!

This month, Ilana demonstrates how you can bust a weight-loss plateau with her signature Plate It! system.

You’ll get her best tips and suggestions so you can make the best choices for weight loss when it comes to veggies, FFCs, and protein.

Ilana also does a deep dive into what you need to know about accessories so you can make adjustments to help you see greater success with the scale.

April Topics

The Monthly Fix: Breaking Through Weight-Loss Plateaus

In this month’s Topic Videos, Autumn defines a true weight-loss plateau, why it happens, and how to break through one.

The Mindset Membership: How to Drop Emotional Eating

Ilana talks about something we’ve all experienced: emotional eating.

She and two Mindset Membership members share tools and strategies to identify emotional eating habits and how to overcome them with positive self-talk, simple guidelines, and mindset shifts.

And Ilana knows what she’s talking about — in her her book, “You Can Drop It!,” she shares her personal struggle with obesity and how she lost the weight for good.

She gets into the nitty-gritty of your eating habits and behaviors to help set you up for success.

You can get a free copy of her book when you purchase any 2B Mindset offer.

March Topics

The Monthly Fix: Learn How to Control Cravings

Autumn discusses cravings — why you get them, and tips on how to combat them. She breaks down the difference between cravings and hunger, and why you specifically crave salty foods or get sugar cravings.

You’ll get practical, actionable tips on how to manage your cravings and a variety of delicious FIXATE recipe alternatives for whenever those cravings kick in.

The Mindset Membership: Save Money With 2B Mindset

This month, Ilana busts the myth that it’s expensive to eat healthy. She explains how making smart choices (plus using a few clever hacks!), you can actually save money by eating healthier meals.

Ilana also shares easy, actionable tips for eating well when eating out.


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