Instagram can be a great source of quality info. But it can also be a cesspool of nonsense.

There are millions of accounts out there you can follow for diet/nutrition advice. Since you’re here, I hope you can count on me as an account you can actually trust.

But beware of accounts that are only after likes/follows and don’t care an ounce about actually helping you.

I cannot tell you how many insanely inaccurate and misleading posts I’ve come across- often times from accounts that have millions of innocent followers.

If you listened to all the insane info out there, you’d be convinced that every single food is horrible for you.

Sugar is bad, dairy is bad, carbs are bad, fat is bad, too much protein is bad… it’s overwhelming.

I promise you, every single food is okay to consume in moderation. Nothing should ever be off limits.

Maybe some options are better than others to choose on a regular basis, but no single food is “bad”. Don’t be scared by this silly thing called the internet.

Stick around here and I promise to continue to make this whole “healthy” thing easier for you 🙌

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