Hey peeps!

How have you all been? Hope you’re all well, happy and healthy

I hope my fellow victorians are doing well and staying safe 🙏

I have had a painful and stressful last few weeks
We got some bad news regarding My husbands health, and it’s taken a huge toll on all of us 🥺

Stress truly is a killer – and learning how to manage your stress is truly something we all need to invest in

I haven’t been too strict or on track with my eating, I’ve been trying hard to stick to my 80/20 principle

80% on track , 20% off

Emotional eating at times like this is my downfall but I’m working hard to not succumb to temptation and focus on the bigger picture – my physical health , my mental health and my weightloss goal

I was so surprised when I weighed myself today and saw that I’ve maintained my weightloss as well as losing an extra kilo!!

I’ve lost a total of 15kg in 8 weeks
And I’ve dropped from a size 16 to a size 10/12

I’m 5kg away from goal weight!!

I’m actually so proud of myself – goes to show that eating healthy and clean is for life
And easy to maintain when you stop thinking of it as a DIET and start thinking of it as LIFE

I am so in tune with my body that I know instantly what foods do not agree with me and can eliminate them from my diet to prevent flare ups of my irritable bowel disease

Some days I have zero energy and zero motivation for anything but lying on my couch
Especially with the amount of stress anxiety and depression I’m going through

But I’ve learnt how to push forward and pick myself up and move towards the light 💡

I no longer allow the darkness to consume me

Life is about living healthily and happily

If I’ve learnt anything from my husbands health turmoil is that- live healthily – life is too short to binge eat and feed your emotions to the point where it becomes so hard to get back on track

It isn’t worth it

Your health should be your investment
Your priority

Love & light



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