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•500g chicken breast
•1 whole medium avocado (about 140g)
•1 small-ish cucumber
•80ml Primal Kitchen caesar dressing
•10 tsp cream cheese (1 for each wrap)
•10 lettuce leaves (I had Romaine at home, but feel free to use any kind you’d like)
•Put the chicken in a small pot.
•Fill with just enough water to cover the chicken.
•Add a generous amount of salt and pepper (I would say about 1 tbsp each?) It won’t really matter in the end. Cook on medium-high heat.
•Let the water come to a boil and then simmer for 20 mins on medium heat. Take this time to wash the lettuce and relax for a bit.
•Take the chicken out of the water and allow for it to cool before preparing the lettuce boats.
•Use 2 forks to shred the chicken in a bowl. And if you’re lazy like me, just throw it in a food processor. It literally took less than a minute. 😂
•And while you’re at it, throw in that cucumber too. Or just cut it up. Your call.
•Pour in the caesar dressing and mix.
•Spread some cream cheese onto the lettuce, then add the shredded chicken mix and avocado chunks. Try your best to divide everything equally.
•Optional: sprinkle some chili flakes or parmesan.
🧮Calories & macros per lettuce boat:
•165 kcal
•1.7g net carbs
•9.6g fat
•16.3g protein
Note: you can always adjust the amount of chicken you make to suit your target macros. In my case, I’ve had to reduce my fat intake lately and increase the protein to get over a weight loss plateau and it’s been working great so far!
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