Many of you have consistently followed my journey…

The journey through secondary infertility (we 🙏🏻 endlessly for 18 months for our sweet Damon). The journey through pregnancy🤰🏻The journey through a successful VBAC 👶🏻 And now, the journey through postpartum chaotic bliss 🤪🥰

Thank you for sticking with me and supporting me through the lowest of lows and highest of highs…your support means so much to me! ❤️

Now that my head feels like it’s halfway secured to my shoulders, I want to pay it forward! I have resumed Beachbody coaching and my passion for helping other mommas learn to make time for themselves and feel at their very best! 💪🏻

To be honest, I credit Beachbody for helping me get through such a devastating time without spiraling into a deep depression (which I have a history of). I also credit Beachbody with helping me have a healthy pregnancy (20lb weight gain versus 55lb with my first pregnancy). In turn, I credit Beachbody for helping me have a successful VBAC and postpartum recovery (back to pre-pregnancy weight by 11 days postpartum)! And now, I credit Beachbody for giving me a community of loving and supportive mommas who serve as an outlet for those inevitable tough mom days 💙
It’s so much more than working out, guys. It’s a complete mindset shift. Learning to love yourself on the outside as well as within. Growing through personal development while surrounding yourself with a community of women who encourage and uplift you daily (think MOPS but with a health twist)!

If you feel like there’s something missing…If you feel like you want more…If you feel like you need something for YOU…I assure you wholeheartedly that I have the solution! The woman and mother I am today is COMPLETELY different from who I was two years ago (pic for proof 🙈). I want YOU to feel as good as I feel mentally and physically!! If you’re willing to drop your excuses, let go of limiting beliefs, put in the work, and trust the process, I can guarantee that you will end this crazy, heavy, and unpredictable 2020 the happiest and healthiest YOU you’ve ever been! Control what you can control 🙌🏻
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