There isn’t any room for them.

I told y’all I was going through a divorce but man…. you know what hurts? Leaving a 4 bedroom house that WE own (my name is still on the mortgage) to move into a small apartment just so that you can minimize your kid’s exposure to toxic fights. It was the right thing to do but there are moments like today when you want to jog around your neighborhood and can’t.
Or can I???? My new place has a parking deck and 4 levels …. so I guess running around the neighborhood is now jogging through the parking deck and running up and down the stairs. I can make this work, in fact it might even be better for the glutes!

Life is what you make it. I can choose to be bitter, resentful, angry or I can choose to forgive and move the fuck on, finding positivity where I am and making the most out of whatever God has given me. There are plenty of people who wish they had their own place so I’m grateful that I was able to leave and get a new place vs go back to Alabama and live with my parents…. but even if that was my fate, I would still try to make the most out of that scenario, putting my family on a workout plan with me lol

Idk why I’m over sharing today. Maybe somebody else is going through a hurtful situation where they want to eat their feelings….. i get it. I did that most of august lol but now it’s time to get back to self love! You can’t change the past… Lets make the most out of the present!

If anyone has any tips or tricks on exercising in parking lots/decks please share! Looking for ways to maximize my space. Please share!

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