This is COACH Kim! One of the amazing “life-changers” on my Be Electric ⚡️TEAM!

Dance 🩰 introduced us and fitness 🏋️‍♀️ made us life friends!

Get ready to 🐝 BE “inspired”…

👇Read Kim’s message about when to start a program and to remember that transformation takes time!

👉 You don’t need a Monday.
👉 You don’t need a perfect start.
👉 You don’t need the right outfit.
👉 You don’t need someone’s approval.
👉 You don’t even need to be motivated.

⭐️ You just need to SAY YES. Say yes to yourself and BEGIN the process!

📝 Side note: It’s a process and it will not be an overnight change, so the longer you put it off the more you’ll regret ⚠️ wasting time.

“I have over come so much y’all! And, promise you, it didn’t happen by waiting! Overcoming happens by faith and by taking action. Action is the fastest cure to FEAR.” -Coach Kim 📣


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