You know what was hard at 284 lbs? Everything 🙈

•carrying my kids
•installing carseats
•changing diapers
•playing with my kids
•mental health
•shopping/trying on clothes
I could go on and on.

All these things and more have gotten easier since losing weight. Losing weight is hard work, but being unhealthy and overweight is hard too!

We get to pick our hard.

Do you want the daily struggle of not physically being able to do things, the same difficult destructive mindset, same low self esteem?


Do you want to put in the hard work to improve self esteem and a healthy mindset, to get physically fit, to have all those daily struggles get easier, and to change to a healthier lifestyle?

These are both incredibly hard things. 1 brings more negativity. You slowly dig yourself deeper and if you are anything like me, it stops you from really living. But the other breeds positivity. It promotes room for growth, living in the present.

Stop waiting. It won’t ever be the “right” time. In my experience you don’t have this epiphany moment where you are enlightened and fully ready to commit. You CHOOSE to just do it.

So don’t dip your toes in and half do it, but DIVE IN. Start RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait for tomorrow, start this second. Buy that meal plan and work with a coach (link in the bio) or make your own plan. Make a goal chart. Find something or someone to hold you accountable.

Tell yourself 30 days. 30 days and if i did my absolute best and it didn’t work then I can quit. Hear me out though. If you are honestly doing your best, tracking, exercising, shifting your mindset, you are going to notice improvements in so many areas you won’t even want to quit. It ripples outward and you start growing in multiple areas of your life ❤

I’m committing, will you?


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