Introducing @cheymarie_fit Left- 3 years ago, I was only 105lbs (in this picture) and would eventually drop down to 97lbs. I was battling Stage 4B low grade Serous Ovarian Cancer and I was told that there might not be a cure. This was a month after my major cancer dulking surgery where 5 tumors were removed (one was the size of a beach ball), 4 blood transfusions, part of my bladder removed, part of my colon and small intestine were removed which caused a temporary ileostomy bag, a full hysterectomy, my gallbladder and spleen removed, and a few lymph nodes were removed. After all of that, I always told myself that I was going to win and I wouldn’t let cancer win.
Right- Taken today. I’m 120lbs and have gained 23lbs back in the last 3 years. I still have 10lbs to go to be back to my pre-cancer weight but I’ll get there. I thought I could easily gain back the 33lbs I lost, but after going through hell and back, it’s taken my body a little longer to gain weight. November 13th I’ll be celebrating 2 YEARS of no evidence of disease ! Seeing my body come back after all it has been through, truly makes me cry. I’ve never been so grateful or thankful for this tough little body. –

My point to this long post (sorry😅) is that whatever you are facing, you can defeat it. It won’t be easy and trust me, it will be scary, but you got this. No matter how many times you get knocked down, get back up and hit that much harder. 🦋

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