How many times have you used that excuse?

Before you continue reading this post go and look how much time a day you spend looking at instagram, facebook, tik tok, twitter..

The average user spends over 3 h a day on his phone

How much time do you spend?

You are probably embarrassed right now because you know you are wasting so much time on your phone

Don’t be, it happens to everyone

Instead start looking for alternatives that will help you get towards your goals

Use this work out as an example

The other day I did not have time to work out, I only had 20 min between clients calls so I picked 4 exercises and I created a circuit

Was it the perfect workout?

No, no even close

The point is that you need to stay active, 20, 30, 45, 60 minutes

Because those 20 minutes will keep you into the routine of working out, if you take a rest day it will be harder to get back the day after

💬Tag bellow someone that should put the time they use their phones into working out💬

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