A young mother’s journey from 86 to 66

Harpreet Kaur from Saskatchewan, Canada reached out to us four months ago with her concern of weight gain after her pregnancy which she was struggling to lose since last two years. She was always on the healthier side since her childhood. Adding to that, she is a housewife and reached 86kg post-pregnancy. She has tried multiple diets and even she is a fitness freak who loves to workout at the gym.

We created a customized diet plan for her. We took care of her workout Schedule and ensure that her diet plan includes things she likes and even planned outside options. She had no medical concerns, it was really easy for us to include these options in her diet.

We took care of her skin too as most women end up with saggy skin post-pregnancy and she has managed to lose more than 20 Kgs and many inches, including 10 kg with our diet.

Harpreet you are an inspiration for all the young mothers who have lost all hopes of getting back in shape.


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