Perhaps the hardest thing to pull off with any analogue watch/fitness tracker hybrid is how to show off your activity stats without ruining its looks. Garmin’s Vivomove line has always excelled on this front, with the small touch-activated screen that would flash up your stats only when prompted, even moving the watch hands out of the way in charming fashion to enable a clear view.

The latest Vivomove watches have doubled down on this approach, quite literally, by adding a second screen to the face. Tap the watch and both colour screens light up with stats that you can scroll through.

However, this feature is only available on the Style and Luxe versions of the Vivomove, which are pricier than the standard Vivomove 3 and smaller Vivomove 3S models. Opt for the more glamorous version of the Vivomove Luxe in particular and that price gets a little out of hand – the most expensive watches in the range are £479.99, like the Vivomove Luxe with 24K gold PVD stainless steel case and black embossed Italian leather band, pictured below.

The standard Vivomove 3 is a more reasonable £219.99 and has added some new tricks not present on its more expensive predecessor, the Vivomove HR (£299.99). You can now connect to your phone’s GPS to record outdoor activities and manually record how much liquid you’re consuming, while Garmin has also added a PulseOx sensor to measure your blood oxygen saturation. This is something Garmin seems to be adding to all its watches, although we’re not entirely sure why. If you’re spending time at altitude it’s great, and it might allow for more advanced sleep tracking in the future, but for now it’s just a drain on the battery.

Alongside those new features the Vivomove 3 will also track your heart rate 24/7, flash up notifications, and monitor your steps, sleep and stress, among other stats. However, it’s certainly disappointing that it doesn’t get the dual screen available on the Vivomove Style and Luxe, so we anticipate that it’s going to be worth spending the extra £40 to get the cheapest version of the Style. You don’t lose any battery life in doing so either – all the models in the new Vivomove range are said to last five days in smartwatch mode.

The new range is set to be available before October, and whichever model you opt for, you can customise it via the range of compatible bands. Along with sporty silicone bands, there are nylon, suede, leather and Milanese straps to pick from.

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