It’s been a great year for Chelsea’s academy, with graduates like Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham and Reece James all enjoying significant roles within the first team under Frank Lampard as the Blues qualified for the Champions League.

A whole lot of credit is due to the coaches in Chelsea’s academy, and we’re sure there are thousands of amateur footballers out there – young and old – who could benefit from some of that coaching expertise.

The new Perfect Play football training app might just be able to help on that front. The app is full of training games developed with and used by the Chelsea academy that will help you work on different parts of your game, whether it’s dribbling, passing or blasting the ball into the back of the net.

Using tracking and augmented reality tech the app can even map out your playing area and follow you as you complete the drills to provide feedback. There are also training plans on it that can be personalised to your level and targets to help you develop as a player.

“The training programme the academy created gave me the core physical and mental skills I use every time I play,” says Mount. “It’s fantastic that all young footballers can now undertake the same training plan using Perfect Play.”

There are some training games you can try for free on the Perfect Play app, but the full version costs £9.99 a month. The app is available now on the Apple App Store and an Android version is in the works and will be released soon.

If you’re looking for some football drills and aren’t all that into apps, you can check out the series of videos Chelsea made in partnership with Hyundai UK. The videos are all available on YouTube and cover skills like dribbling and passing.

Download Perfect Play on App Store | £9.99 a month


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