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Elon musk has robust perspectives on hydrogen. Not everyone agrees


Elon musk has robust perspectives on hydrogen. Not everyone agrees

a automobile is fueled with hydrogen on the frankfurt automobile show iaa in frankfurt am major, germany, on september 13 afp photographs

tesla ceo elon musk has a history of expressing sturdy critiques approximately hydrogen and hydrogen gasoline cells. Some years ago, when the difficulty came up all through a dialogue with reporters at the automotive information global congress, the billionaire and electric powered vehicle multi-millionaire described hydrogen gas cells as “extremely silly.”

“it’s just very hard … To make hydrogen and keep it and use it in a vehicle,” musk said. “the great-case hydrogen gasoline cellular doesn’t win against the modern case batteries, so then, manifestly … It doesn’t make sense,” he introduced later.

“that turns into obvious in the following few years. There may be … No reason for us to have this debate, i have stated … my piece on this, it will likely be superb apparent as time goes by way of, i do not know what extra to say.”

within the time on account that the ones comments, musk’s views do not seem to have modified a whole lot, if at all. In june 2020 he tweeted “fuel cells = idiot sells,”  including in july of that yr: “hydrogen idiot sells make no feel.” musk became not immediately available to touch upon whether his perspectives on hydrogen had modified when contacted via tesla by using cnbc monday. The tech

first things first: what underpins the tech musk seems so skeptical of? The u. S. Environmental protection organization describes hydrogen fuel mobile automobiles — which can be additionally called gasoline cellular electric automobiles — as being “similar to electric motors … in that they use an electric powered motor rather than an internal combustion engine to electricity the wheels.”

the important thing difference is that electric vehicles have batteries that want to be charged through plugging the car into a charging factor. Gas cellular automobiles, on the other hand, utilize hydrogen fuel and, consistent with the epa, “generate their power onboard.”

examine more approximately electric motors from cnbc pro

positioned definitely, with fuel cells, hydrogen gasoline from a tank mixes with oxygen, producing electricity. A fuel cellular electric powered car emits “best water vapor and warm air”, the u. S. Branch of energy’s opportunity fuels records center says. A variety of views

musk isn’t alone in relation to being unconvinced about the usage of hydrogen in vehicles. In february of this 12 months, herbert diess, the ceo of german automobile powerhouse volkswagen group, weighed in at the problem.

“it’s time for politicians to just accept science,” he tweeted. “inexperienced hydrogen is wanted for metallic, chemical, aero … and must not grow to be in cars. A ways too costly, inefficient, slow and difficult to rollout and shipping. In the end: no #hydrogen motors in sight.”

despite the fact that those products glaringly do not account for the bulk of vehicle sales at this second in time — riversimple might not surely sell its vehicles, imparting them on a subscription carrier as a substitute — that one of these range of organizations are operating on fuel-cellular services in any respect suggests some see potential in the generation.

“gasoline cellular cars will virtually play a element in decarbonizing delivery,” a spokesperson for toyota told cnbc.

“as and when refueling infrastructure expands, they’ll offer a handy alternative shape of electrified delivery over a totally electric powered bev [battery-powered electric vehicles],” they stated. Toyota viewed hydrogen “as an opportunity to fossil fuels in all manner of settings, together with heating, lights, haulage, mass transit and heavy enterprise,” the spokesperson said.

“the range of hydrogen programs will growth, allowing cheaper, extra efficient strength deliver and we will more and more see hydrogen powering vehicles, buses, trains and vehicles,” they added. In a declaration sent to cnbc, the fuel mobile and hydrogen electricity affiliation expressed a comparable point of view. Gasoline cell electric cars and hydrogen electricity, the fchea said, offered customers “a 0-emission option with performance they anticipate and no change to each day exercises — long range, quick refueling, and the potential to scale to larger platforms with out including restrictive weight and length.”

the fchea went on to say there was a “great possibility for gasoline cell electric powered cars and gasoline cellular-powered cloth handling motors.”

“additionally, given the limitations of battery weight and recharging for lengthy haul trucking, a enormous possibility also exists for medium- and heavy-responsibility transport trucks, trucks, buses, trains, and planes,” it stated. Certainly, as governments round the sector try to expand low and 0 emission transportation structures, the perception of the usage of hydrogen gas cells in larger automobiles is starting to be explored by way of a huge range of agencies. Study more approximately clean energy from cnbc seasoned

in a latest interview with cnbc, the ceo of daimler truck changed into asked approximately the controversy between battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cells. Balance, martin daum argued, became key.

“we go for each, due to the fact both … make experience,” he said, occurring to give an explanation for how specific technologies might be appropriate in distinct situations.

“in popular, you could say: if you visit metropolis transport where you need lower amounts of electricity in there, you may rate overnight in a depot, then it’s certainly battery electric powered,” daum said.

“but the second you are on the road, the moment you move from stockholm to barcelona … in my opinion, you need some thing which you could shipping better and in which you can refuel higher and that is in the long run h2.”

“the ruling isn’t out, but i think it is too unstable for a agency our length to go together with just one era.”


daum’s feedback on gasoline cells comment on the concept that they may, eventually, find a home in heavier varieties of delivery overlaying lengthy distances, hauling shipment and, in a few cases, ferrying human beings from one vacation spot to another. He’s not alone in taking this view. The ecu transport giant alstom, as an instance, has developed the coradia ilint, which it describes as “the arena’s first passenger educate powered by means of a hydrogen fuel cellular.”

in aviation, plans to operate business hydrogen-electric flights between london and rotterdam were introduced in october, with those in the back of the venture hoping it’s going to take to the skies in 2024. In creation, jcb, a prime player within the sector, said closing year that it had evolved an excavator “powered through a hydrogen gas mobile.”

weighing 20 metric tons, the company stated the vehicle had been tested for over twelve months, including that the “handiest emission from the exhaust is water.”


at the same time as there is a feel of pleasure approximately the usage of hydrogen gasoline mobile technology in a selection of programs, the course to any mass rollout won’t necessarily be a clean one. Earlier this yr, honda ceased manufacturing of its readability plug-in hybrid and gas cellular fashions, even though the agency did make a point of pronouncing that gasoline cell electric motors would “play a key position in our zero-emissions method.”

some other place, the u. S. Authorities has referred to some of demanding situations. Those range from the sturdiness and reliability of gas cells to car value.

“the cutting-edge infrastructure for generating and getting hydrogen to clients can’t but help the extensive adoption of fcvs,” it adds. In february 2020, brussels-based totally marketing campaign institution transport and environment hammered domestic just how an awful lot competition hydrogen would face within the transportation quarter. T&e made the point that inexperienced hydrogen — which is produced using renewables — would not simplest should “compete with gray and blue hydrogen,” which might be produced the usage of fossil fuels. “it will compete with petrol, diesel, marine gas oil, kerosene and, of direction, electricity,” t&e stated.

“wherever batteries are a sensible answer — motors; vehicles; urban, local and possibly long-haul trucks; ferries — hydrogen will face an uphill warfare because of its decrease performance and, as a result, much better gasoline prices.”

bridging the space between battery electric and fuel cellular automobiles might be a large mission, because the global energy employer’s worldwide ev outlook 2021 notes. Consistent with that report, registrations of gas cellular electric automobiles “continue to be 3 orders of magnitude lower than evs as hydrogen refuelling stations … are not widely to be had and in contrast to evs cannot be charged at home.”

the race to dominate the low and 0 emission future of 21st-century transportation is underway. With regards to cars, battery electric powered vehicles are in a robust role with corporations which include tesla leading the price, however the avenue to success is in no way a directly one. Watch this space.

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